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best place to bring your loved furries

“Best place to bring your loved furries. Dr. Darko is compassionate and loving towards all the animals. He is friendly, as well as his staff. They are always ready to answer your questions. The office is exceptionally clean and spacious. He goes beyond the ordinary to get your little one back to health. He is very reasonable too! I'm so happy I was referred to him.”

—Isabel I

the perfect animal hospital

“I was in search for the perfect animal hospital when I moved to Florida a year ago, and this is it. The front staff is always very kind and responsive. Dr. Darko is AMAZING! Not only is he incredibly nice, he's also an expert in holistic medicine- which is super important to me especially with my dog being raw-fed. My pup loves him & I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else -from the ease of the appointments, to the treatment of my baby :).”

—Emily P

amazing staff and doctors

“Amazing staff and doctors, from the moment you walk in to your consultation everyone is awesome, friendly and helpful. I'm so happy we found this clinic for our puppy. Thank you for the outstanding service and your great attitude.”

—Bety A

I love Dr. Darko

“I love Dr. Darko and my dog, Lilly, is always happy there. I would recommend him and his staff.”

—Renee S

the staff is excellent

“My little Harley LOVES Dr Darko! I would not trust him with any other Vet. The staff is excellent, the office is always immaculately clean and I always have a great experience! I can't recommend Dr Darko and his practice enough!”

—Lisa O

Doctor Darko and his staff are amazing

“Doctor Darko and his staff are amazing. I love his holistic approach for animals. He is truly devoted to help. He has been my vet for 20 years. When I would live in NYC I would fly my dogs (King Charles cavaliers) down to see him always then they were 7 now they are both 12. He has pulled my boy out of some tough times I really could not trust anyone else with my fury babies!!!”

—Angelina H

very grateful for the wonderful care

“Always very grateful for the wonderful care, kindness and understanding received at Wellness clinic. Have recommended the clinic to many friends, neighbors and acquaintances." ”

—Inna T

by far the best

“When I was looking for a good vet for my 1lb Yorkie baby, I was told to look no further than Dr. Darko, who is by far the best, well-known veterinarian in all of South Florida. My Chloe is 8 years old now and still, Dr. Darko is my 'go to' guy. You can see how much he loves his furbabies which is very important to both me and my Yorkie. I kid you not, people come from all over Florida to see Dr. Darko and his hard-working staff. Excuse my rant, but know this...If you're looking for a forever vet for your furbabies, Dr. Darko is your 'go to' guy too. Thank you, Dr. Darko, for all you do!”

—Sheryl D

very compassionate and caring

“Dr. Darko and his excellent team are very compassionate and caring. I have been his loyal client for 15 years with all of my furry babies. I highly recommend Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac.”

—Cecilia C

this clinic are absolutely amazing

“Dr. Darko and everyone at this clinic are absolutely amazing!! I really can't say enough about the genuine care they have for each and every animal patient, along with their owners (parents). We've never felt rushed and they will listen to all of our concerns, and we are a bit overly concerned when it comes to our two Vizslas. We have even had our other family members go there and they have received the same wonderful treatment. I also have to note that they aren't there just t make money. We even went in one time with a concern for our boy when he was a young puppy, but since it was really nothing, there was no charge for the visit. They just wanted to make sure that he was ok. To sum it up, I highly recommend Dr. Darko and his office to anyone with a four legged fur baby, or what ever type of animal you may have. They are caring, reasonably priced, and have kept our two dogs healthy and happy! What more could you ask for!”

—Gregg B

level of care is absolutely wonderful!

“My animals and I have been seeing Dr. Darko and Nessa for a couple of years now. Their level of care is absolutely wonderful! The are extremely compassionate and provide the highest level of care.”

—Jessica R

admiration and gratitude

“I can not even begin to express my admiration and gratitude. The level of compassion and Dr. Darko's professionalism, knowledge and Above all his Non ego based care. He is not the type of doctor that plays GOD. He listens. He researches and compassionately discusses the options. My situation is still ongoing but I FINALLY feel I AM in the best hands possible. His VET tech Nesa is loving and understanding yet firm. His front desk staff polite and efficient.”

—Marcela T

so grateful for the love and care

“Where do I begin. My husband and I are so grateful for the love and care Dr. Darko and staff provide for our Brady. Brady has had intestinal issues almost his whole life and Dr. Darko is one of the most patient, caring, compassionate vets we have ever known. He doesn't jump to conclusions and always tries to resolve any issue with the least invasive therapy possible. We are SO lucky to call Dr. Darko and staff family. Seriously, we are so lucky.”

—Annie R

I am so greatful

“I am so grateful that they were able to figure out how to help my little guy. He had been throwing up stomach acid and it was getting worse and worse and not responding to the antacid. The Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac treated Casper so sweetly that he was not even scared to go with the technician. He is usually a big chicken. He can't even go to the groomer. They did an xray without sedating him, as other vets wanted to do, and based on the amount of gas in his stomach, thought he could have developed a food allergy despite the fact that he was on really good food. Casper is now on a special food for dogs with intestinal problems and he stopped throwing up almost immediately. The price I paid was extremely fair. I know because I priced around. I really could not be more pleased. My Casper is a happy, healthy little guy again!”

—Lisa S