Celebrate National Cat Lovers’ Month this December

The cat’s out of the bag – December is National Cat Lovers’ Month! How are you going to celebrate? When every day of the month is Caturday, there are so many possibilities, including health and wellness activities, bonding time fun, and purrfect parties. Here are some suggestions for joining in this month of fun feline festivities.

Buy Some New Cat Toys

First and foremost, one of the simplest ways to show the love for your cat this month is with a new toy. Cats get bored easily, so a new toy will definitely pique their curiosity. Additionally, if you have multiple cats in your home, some new cat toys will ensure that every cat has their own toy for themselves. If you’re worried about tons of cat toys littering your home, consider putting some of the older toys away in a closet or in storage. Once your cat gets tired of playing with the new toys, you can cycle them out for the old toys, which will now seem like new toys again! Also be sure to use this time as an opportunity to throw out any broken, torn, or damaged toys that could cause a choking hazard.

Splurge on Some New Cat Furniture

If you want to treat your cat to something a little extra, think about buying some new cat furniture. You can find many types of cat furniture that serve multiple purposes – such as a cat tree. Larger cat trees can provide a safe hideout for one or more cats, scratching posts, or lookout perches at different heights. Some styles of cat trees may even include toys for daily enrichment, play, and exercise. You could also use National Cat Lovers’ month as an excuse to buy your cat a comfy new bed or an even larger scratching post – both are useful items that your cat will definitely enjoy!

Cat sleeping on a cat tree

Teach a Trick

Yes, it’s true! Just like many other pets, cats can be trained to do tricks such as fetching items, sitting on command, giving a high five, or “shaking” paws. Because they tend to be very “independent,” teaching your cat a trick can take a little more persistence. But with a lot of patience and positive reinforcement, your cat can have a great time playing games, getting exercise (and mental stimulation), and performing a variety of tricks.

Primp Your Pet

Bond with your cat during this special month by giving him or her some extra grooming. Your cat can benefit three-fold from having their fur combed, teeth brushed, and/or nails trimmed. These hygienic helpers will help your cat look better; it will give you time for the two of you to bond; and you can also use the opportunity to check your cat for lumps, bumps, and other irregularities. If you do find any areas of concern, be sure to schedule a vet visit ASAP to get them checked out. We provide cat nutrition advice, dental care for cats, and many other health and wellness services.

Schedule a Check-up

Regular cat preventative care is essential for keeping a kitty happy and in tip-top shape, so use the month of December as a reminder to take your cat for his or her regular wellness exam. It might not seem like much of a “celebration” to either of you, but you will both be grateful for the gift of good health. And believe it or not, some cats actually like going to the vet! Cats generally don’t go to the vet as often as dogs, so when they do, it can be a nice change of scenery. And if you do need some tips on safely transporting your cat to the vet, just let us know!

Throw a Party Gif of a cat in a party hat

Although cats aren’t known to be the biggest party animals, you can still plan a fun get-together in honor of your favorite feline(s). You don’t have to go crazy with decorations, because let’s be honest, your cat probably won’t appreciate all of the effort you put into the event (and will probably attempt to knock down any streamers you put within jumping distance). Aside from any decorations you would like to put up (and to stay in place), you could put out some fun activities for your cat to play with, like an obstacle course of boxes to climb around in. If you know your cat’s particular preferences, by some special cat treats, or maybe even some catnip to get the party going.

Don’t forget to invite your friends and family members to come over and help to celebrate National Cat Lovers’ month. Provide everyone with party hats or cat-ear headbands to set the mood, and don’t forget to provide some human snacks and treats as well. Just don't invite any other cats. Unlike many dogs, cats don't always like meeting new friends. Inviting other cats could cause a fight to break out – and that’s a definite party foul.

Make Some Memories

Last but not least, however you are celebrating National Cat Lovers’ Month, don’t forget to memorialize your activities. Take pictures (selfies or a stylized photoshoot would both work!), make a scrapbook of your special memories, create some cat-themed art, get a tattoo of your cat’s paw, etc.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to commemorating this amazing month of cat fun!


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