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Head Veterinary Technician
vered nograd

Vered is a Head Veterinary Technician of Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac since 2013. She has been working in and out of the veterinary field from wildlife to small animals for the past 19 years. Vered is a graduate of the Florida School of Medical Arts majoring in veterinary technology (1995-1997). In 1997 Vered has been certified as a Veterinary Technician. Since 1999 she is licensed as a State & Federal Wildlife Rehabilitator. From 1995-2004 Vered worked in Wildlife Care Center in Fort Lauderdale. From 2004-2005 she was a Hospital Director for Folke Peterson Wildlife Center in West Palm Beach. Between 2009 till 2010 Vered worked as a Hospital Manager in Key Largo Wildlife Center. Vered has a very unique personality. No matter the time of day and night, she is always available to help her co-workers and friends. Once one of her colleagues called her to ask for help because the cat has been attacked by a dog, and Vered was right there. But most of the times, people don’t even have to ask her for help, because she would volunteer herself. A humbler person is hard to find. Moreover, Vered is an extremely artistic person. She loves drawing and painting. Vered even has a line of handmade animal jewelry. She is a wonderful mother of furry pets and reptiles, including turtles, lizards, cats, and Muscovy ducks. As Vered admits, she loves animals more than people. Besides being the small zoo, her Tamarac house in Broward County is also shared by a few humans: daughter Lian and son Lee. Lian followed Vered’s footsteps. Since 2010 Vered acts as a Board Member of FWRA (Florida Wildlife Rehabilitators Association).