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Pet Groomer
miriam wyrick

Miriam started grooming when she got her own dog and later, she started bathing and grooming pets for her friends and neighbors back in Kansas in 1985. When the time came to choose a career, it was just natural that she pursues a job as a groomer in the local veterinarian’s office. Having grown a big number of happy clients, she would continue working as a private groomer on the weekends and evenings. In the early 2000s, Miriam met Patrick. Pat liked to hang out around Miriam. He learned to groom while watching Miriam and helping her. Patrick used to work as a photographer, and basically became Miriam’s part-time assistant and student. Being adventurous people by nature, in their free time, Pat and Miriam used to take flying classes. Their love for cats and dream that one day there’ll be no homeless cats on the streets motivated them to run a cat rescue in Kansas. Ultimately, Pat was so much into both Miriam and pets that he quit his job as a photographer. Later Pat’s father noticed that Pat and Miriam made a great team as pet groomers and advised them to open their own Pet Groomer’s shop.