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Veterinary Technician
gina doyle

Having always felt an affinity for animals, Gina initially began working in a local vaccination clinic in 2011. While working there she learned about an opening at Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac. She joined our team in September 2014 and has a special interest in veterinary treatment and preventive care. Being a compassionate person by nature, she can’t stand seeing a suffering pet without a home. That’s how she met Ruby - skinny and malnourished on the street. It was a hard time when Ruby was diagnosed with bone cancer in December 2013. Nevertheless, with the help of veterinarians and good care, Ruby had her jaw removed and now she is enjoying a happy and healthy life with the rest of her family. Gina lives in Pompano Beach with her husband Robert and her lovely daughter Talia, dogs Ruby and Lola, and two feline companions. Outside of work, Gina participates in cross-fit competitions and occasionally takes part in 5K Charity Runs. As she shares, “seeing people taking care of their babies and understanding that veterinary medicine matters is what Gina likes the most about her job.