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Animal Wellness Clinic of Tamarac pet grooming staff perform grooming services for cats and dogs in a safe, compassionate and comforting environment. Our pet grooming services  usually include:  Grommer

  • Bathing. Advised bathing frequency for cats and dogs varies. It's recommended to avoid frequent bathing as this may case loss of vital oils and appearance of itchy skin. Please contact our veterinarians about bathing frequency for your pets.
  • Style Hair Trim for cats and dogs
  • Nail Trim for cats and dogs
  • Personalized Style cuts
  • Anal gland expression, etc.

Pet grooming is more than just a hygiene habit. It helps us to establish right relationships with our cats, dogs, and other pets. Moreover, pet grooming can benefit your pet in several ways:

  • strengthening your pets’ health by keeping their coat, paws, legs, ears, teeth, skin, and etc. 
  • just like you after visit to a salon, so does your pet feels more confident after grooming
  • regular pet grooming sessions let you learn all parts of your pet’s body which in its turn will make any changes requiring veterinarian advice easy to notice.

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